World Ocean day

  • Sea in Color is a campaign done in collaboration to promote clean oceans for. World Ocean Day 2016. My partners and I chose to focus on the death and damage of the Coral Reef, which is drained of color and becomes a stark white when it dies. Our campaign is focused on the duality of color and vitality, to help raise awareness of the death of the Coral Reef. 

  • Deliverables: 
    . Print ads 
    . Outdoor installations 
    . Social media campaign
  • coral reef 
    “rainforest of the ocean” 
    home of 25% of the world's marine life 
    Dying because of climate change”(Greenhouse gas emissions, temperature rise, etc.) + over fishing 
    Becomes greyish – white when its dying
    Our idea is inspired by the duality that comes from eh shift from color, (life, vitality) and death(drainage of color) of the coral reef. With #SEAINCOLOR, we want to rise awareness as well as encourage viewers to recognize the issue from their own perspective. What if your world was drained of color?
  • Due to human neglect of the cleanliness of our ocean the coral reef is dying.
  • When a coral reef dies it becomes bleached and bleak – creating a colorless home to 25% of the worlds's marine life.
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