SEX ED Pop-up Book (WIP)

  • Having knowledge of sexuality can help young people pass adolescence and satisfied. Using graphics is an efficient way for kids to understand difficult and embarassing information.

    This project will be a tool for educating both parents and their children. It helps children discover the joy of learning by letting them discover the natural states of their changing bodies. 

    It encourages children's curiosity by making them feel at ease to ask questions and discuss their concerns with their parents.

    It can reduce parents' anxiety and improve their confidence in being the tutors and convey information using a friendly tone.

    It is a medium to help to begin their conversation. By improving the relationship between children and parents, children can have their parents as a sustainable support system.

  • Girls between six and nine year old and their parents.

  • learning should have laughter, wows and "no ways!" Communicating with friendly tones while using the book will encourage kids to keep going and build a healthy and positive self image.

  • Rather than wanting to know about the biology of sex and reproduction, the children’s main concerns were the changes happening their bodies. They wanted to know about where on their bodies hair would sprout – and how long it would grow. Girls wanted to know how wide their hips would grow, while boys wanted to know how much they would sweat. So the content was designed through children’s perspective and using their tone.