LuXun Former Residence

  • Recent years, many former residences of precious famous people were demolished. The former Residence of Liang Sicheng (the famed "Father of Modern Chinese Architects") and Lin Huiyin (Chinese famous architects, first female architect in modern China) was protectively dismantled. I was grieved when hearing these.

    Luxun’s residence was where he pursued his dream and struggled for our society, was also the best sign to tell us his work status and spirit status. What’s more, the residence could reflect one’s living details, so that we common people could know his thought through closely detailed touching.
  • Luxun was the leader of new culture event and an initial thought enlightener in recent China, explored the human essence, human-building thought, the announcement on quality of human, strong social responsibility, independent thinking and the relationship between the individual and the society. 

    All his thinking are perfect healer for our society. I therefore chose the Luxun Residence as the media to rebuild a visual design, in hope of seeking design methods for spirit space.

  • The investment on real estate threaten the ancient architectures greatly, especially the former residences. The architectures were usually sacrificed for the profit of investors. This problem is not only due to the urbanization and money worship, but also because the lack of spirit power of current society. 
  • Through abundant research, I found that the Absolute feature is needed in current days as a spirit element. New printmaking was introduced into China by Luxun. The knives as well as ink are the tools used by tools to present Luxun’s spirit.
  • LOGO
  • In my opinion, the commercial design could not only be created in visual views. I made space design and activity design for more effective promotion. In these design, I use “book” as well as “printmaking” to be the concept. Luxun loved books. I apply this concept into the exhibition, events. I also added the interactive functions. People can not only read the books but also stand inside to touch them and walk on them. The room was created as an exchange space letting people crowd together to discuss the content of books. This design could let people relax in fast-paced environment and lead them to understand a stable attitude.
  • Is the former residence a world in enclosure and not connected with outer space? From research, I found the signs of Luxun spread to anywhere, these signs showed us the living attitude of Luxun from every aspects and perspective. I therefore introduced the area display concepts to give users more efficiency experience. Finally, I designed a series of relevant events, to understand the communication objectives deeply, to expand the visiting, to endow this design more value.