• Self - Promotion
  • This promotional folded poster was designed tointroduce myself to you. 
    By the front of theposter, I used a really really simple phrase to present myself, “I’m a graphicdesigner”.
    At the same time, I tried to use different formsand visual languages to visualize the phrase. In the poster, the first line isvery personal. Because it’s about me, I wanted to use the first sentence toshow my background. I used Chinese ink and chopsticks to make “I’ and “A”, because I was born inChina, chopsticks are the most traditional tools in China. On the other hand, I used cartoonpainting to show “M”, which shows my childhood memories.
    The second line is trying to show my skills andunderstanding for“graphic”. “Graphic” could be geometric figures, colors, the simplest pictures andsome other tools that can be used to make “graphic”.
    The third line is to show my understanding for"designer”: What’s my favorite typeface, such as “D”; who is my favoritedesigner, such as “G” and so on.

    By the back of the poster is the color spectrum of my college life in graphic design!I come from China, which has a rich history, of over five thousand years. I’m a graphic designer, which was first coined by American type designer, William Addison Dwiggins, in 1922, and continues to develop to today. This color sprcturm is a chart to tell you how a chinese guy began to know graphic design and become a graphic designer, from China to New York.
    This color spectrum is like a notebook recording many important people and things in my college life. Whatever they are, good, bad, interesting or boring, they all influenced me to
    become a graphic designer.