Avant Garde Festival of New York

  • The Annual Avant Garde Festival of New York began in 1963 as an open forum for the emerging experimental music and art scene. The festival ran for 15 years in various locations across New York City where the artists would utilize each of different locations and the uniqueness of its space.

    These are identity sets that I created for the 11th, 12th, and 13th Annual Avant Garde Festival which I found to have the most unique and interesting location and architecture. The 11th Festival was held in Shea Stadiums at Queens; the 12th at Floyd Bennett Field Park in National Gateway Park at Brooklyn; and the 13th was held at the World Trade Center.
  • I designed each of the logo in two states, the regular closed version and a second version that opens up its space for the Festival as the performers use it for a day of art and music. The movement of the architecture plains are coherent and based upon it's actual perspective lines of the building.

    Some of the types of experimental art at the Festival but aren't limited to include: film, edibles, video composition, painting, sculpture, poetry, computer, happenings, botany, projections, electronic synthesizer, kinetic light, inflatables, jazz, dance, et cetera.