• From January to May 2016, I interned in DKNY's creative department, which handled the production of digital and print collateral for the entire global company. I produced this project independently during my time there. After I presented it to Marketing and EComm, I was asked to present it to Corporate to consider developing it into a campaign. 
  • The company had recently gone through a re-brand when Donna Karan stepped down and handed the baton to two new creative directors. They began targeting a much younger demographic. I came up with an image for the "New DKNY Woman". I immersed myself in what she likes, wants, and needs in her life in order to design the best possible product for her. She is hard working, stylish, organized, and a huge force in the work place, social circles, and family. 
  • I began finding parallels between what she represents and the company's values. I found themes that I began to carry throughout the project that also formed the foundation of all the designs. The DKNY Woman is full of life and spirit (light) and her ideas are powerful. These two words go hand-in-hand.
  • I began to develop the symbol, or motif, for the branding of this marketing campaign. I started by illustrating a light bulb, and deconstructed it.
  • This becomes the motif that you'll see repeated throughout the design. 
  • Then I made a pattern out of the result of that deconstruction.
  • And then I deconstructed it further. Now it not only represents a stitch of fabric, but illumination.
  • I took everything I loved about planners, and discarded everything I didn't like about them. I made this one simple, easy to use, and adaptable to the user. The stylus can take the user from writing on paper to writing on a mobile device. This touches on a huge part of the DKNY woman (who is aged 20-mid 30s) ; she is very tech-savvy, yet she enjoys tangible books and writing things down. 
  • First, there are twelve month views. There is a place to write goals on the side for every month. 
  • Then, the book takes you straight through the year. There is a place to plan your schedule by time in the day view, and under the week column there is a to-do list for things you need to accomplish. 
  • The lines on the side of the planner indicate what month you're in. They also reference the thin bars in the motif.
  • Right along with the light imagery and "reflection", there is a section at the end of the planner that asks the user to reflect on what was accomplished in the year. It is inspirational and a great place to focus on self-improvement which is also something the DKNY woman values. 
  • Another component of the box is the garment. It is a fresh take on a traditional blazer. It is a vest, a scarf, a belt, a headband, and whatever else the user comes up with to creatively use it. It is versatile and fun. 
  • And the buttons reflect the pattern. They also reflect light. 
  • And then, I made a box. 
  • I made the structure out of chip board, and then covered it in meticulously designed and measured die cuts. 
  • The box is completely deconstructable too. It can become a drawer organizer, makeup box, or desk organizer. 
  • The drawers/lids all have quotes that relate to the themes and the function of the item. 
    Planner: "Illuminate your mind" 
    Stylus: "Everything begins with an idea"
    Lid for Box: "The future belongs to those who believe in the light of their dreams"
  • Here's how this whole thing would work: 
    Let's assume you're female and one of the top 50 DKNY customers. First, you'd get an email. Here it's shown on a mobile device. 
  • Then, you'd be asked to confirm your size, and delivery information. 
  • Two weeks later, you'd get this in the mail. You're opening it now. 
  • There's even a personal note. 
  • There's an instruction booklet to show you how you can use the items the box contains. 
  • This concept can be re-imagined for the DKNY man, as well. 
    It is a powerful marketing piece that not only touches the customer on a personal level and makes the corporation seem more accessible; it spreads the company's name like wildfire because the components will create conversation as the DKNY Woman uses them in so many aspects of her daily life.