Broadway 1000 Steps : “Walk the Green”

  • “Walk the Green”
    Broadway 1000 Steps : Academic Partnership with Mary Miss Studio
  • Designers: Lisa Anastasio & Elisabetta DiStefano

    Mary Miss Context “BROADWAY: 1000 STEPS is a project to establish Broadway as the “green corridor” of New York City. Up to twenty “hubs” dispersed along the length of Broadway will serve as sites for collaboration between MM/CaLL, research scientists, municipal policy makers, and local community groups. Installations that are small in scale but which aggregate to reveal the vast network of systems vital to a sustainable city, are designed to make sustainability tangible to citizens at street level and catalyze future projects by artists and environmental designers.

    Special Projects Class Fall 2012 with Professor Jean Brennan/Pratt Institute was giving the Bowling Green
    hub along Broadway to research for this Academic Partnership that will be launched and completed for 2013 with the Mary Miss Studio.

    A Public Project Engagement

    Goal and objective | To organize and promote a walking tour of green spaces in lower manhattan. The purpose of the tour is to get people out to exercise, but also serving as a fundraiser to continue to maintain, advocate and promote public green spaces.
    Content of the project | East Side Tour Book, West Side Tour Book

    Project Location |Bowling Green Park as origin point for Lower Manhattan Walk the Green campaign
    Cost | Cost of Printed Books for participating in walk, Possible iPad Application & promotion of other walks …
    Monitoring, Evaluation and Follow-up | See how people feel about their green spaces …