Salzberg Chocolate Werks

  • This assignment focused on creating luxury chocolate packaging stylistically inspired by Wiener Werkstätte and artists from the Vienna Secession. The artist I was assigned was Berthold Löffler; the monogram incorporated into the branding was most particularly influenced by Löffler’s work. 
    Project Brief: This limited produced line commemorates Salzberg Chocolate Werks’ 100 year anniversary as one of the world’s renown chocolatiers. SCW wants to offer a collectible gift set with a tone that leverages Austria’s rich artistic history, through a modernist twist. This limited-time, collectible set of chocolates must be desirable for today’s discriminating consumer. 

    Additional Specs: 
    • Target Consumers: college educated professional “foodies” / pastry chefs / chocolate lovers the world over 
    • Inspiration from Wiener Werkstätte / Vienna Secessionist Artist 
    • Develop the Product Form (1 Shape for ALL or 3 Modular Shapes: 1 per Flavor)
    • Create Dies for the Primary Packaging (Foil Wrapper + Paper Sleeve) as well as forSecondary Packaging Gift Set Scheme 
    • Design SCW Signature, “Reserve” Sub-brand Packaging System & Applicable Supportive Copy 
    • Incorporate Foil-stamped & Embossed Elements