Rock Candy

  • Candy packaging for Rock Candy, a producer of rock-themed rock candy. Each flavour embodies a famous rock guitarist's iconic guitar. The titles are a combination of the guitar name and a song played on the guitar.

    Red: Eddie Van Halen's Frankenstrat Eruption
    Purple: Jimi Hendrix's Sunburst Haze
    Brown: Keith Richards' Micawber Brown Sugar
  • The letterforms spread within the rock shape like a veins of crystal in a geode.
  • Detachable belt loop hooks that look like guitar necks for the active rock candy consumer.
  • Get a free guitar pick with the purchase of a 3-pack!
  • To access the candy, swivel the faceplate with your finger in a strumming motion!
  • Sunburst Haze Named for Jimi Hendrix's Purple Haze and the Sunburst guitar he set on fire at the Astoria in 1967.
  • Rolling stones... literally!