• DEWcision VR Racing put fans in the virtual driver’s seat to choose their favorite flavor of Mountain Dew. When viewers put on the VR goggles, they are transported to an immersive VR racing world powered by Mtn Dew Pitch Black or Mtn Dew Baja Blast flavors and copiloted by one of the drivers of the DEW racing team, including Dale Earnheardt, Jr. Depending on which path they choose, their vote is counted as part of the larger DEWcision 360 campaign to help determine which flavor will stay on shelves.

    Client Mountain Dew

    my role Art Direction, Styleframes Design, 3D Design

  • The challenge is to design two environments from the flavor Baja Blast and Pitch Black. Taking the packaging color and brand impression, I concepted desert and beach for Baja Blast and Neo-Tokyo for Pitch Black.

  • Color Palette & Moodboard

  • Concept Design - Baja Blast

  • 3D Style frame

  •  Portal Design 

  • CONCEPT DESIGN - Pitch Black

    3D Style frame 

  • Award & Press

    Case study video