The New Rules Of The Syrian Conflict

  • The New Rules of the Syrian Conflict

    The project is about simplifying the meaning of the conflict in Syria and drawing small icons to refer to some issues in the daily life of Syrian families and Syrian people.
    The purpose of choosing those simple elements (electricity source, light, food, movement, transportation and so on) was to draw attention to the fact that war has changed everything in our routines and daily lives and has made it harder in all those aspects

  • Families are smaller, some of their members don’t live anymore. There is no family that doesn’t feel the bitterness of losing one of their members because a bomb of a shutting or mabye drawning in the sea trying to escape the war. 

  • In a world full of technologies and ways of transportation and movement. Syrian people are back on their feet to go every where fogetting about other movement ways
  • Syrian new electrical source is a very small, annoying but popular source. The new cause of air pollution and noise in the Syrian streets.
    Electrical regenerators has gained huge popularity, you can see it in almost every house and store making loud noise and huge problems in our daily lives.
  • The electricity problem in a country that has seen frequent outages during a five-year war involving the regime, rebels and terror groups. Candles are the best light sources through dark nights.
  • The world is making new ways of transportation. Faster and the more expensive. But here we are just standing and looking at these camouflage tanks with various kinds of guns on them.
  • Once upon a time, kids played pretending to be a mother, a father or a doctor for example. But now all the games ideas involve war. Every child wants to be a soldier or plays like he is in a battle field or even pretends to be dead.
  • Some of the greatest architectural structures are made these days. So sharp and complex, while grey and destructed may be the modern Syrian style of architecture.
  • The Syrian conflict did not only effect our streets or our buildings. It effected us, our homes and our manner of eating and drinking. The Syrian people were once the kindest habitants that share every piece of bread they have. But now there is nothing left to share.
  • Our streets has new accessories. Army borders and check points. Our daily life is all about crossing those borders day and night and being checked like suspects.
  • The crisis had destroyed tons of houses and there is nothing left. People's lives were destroyed, no money and no shelter. So nowadays, not one family lives under one roof but two or three families are sharing the same house, sometimes even the same room.
  • Our relationships are held in small screens. Families, lovers, siblings and all kind of relationships between Syrian people are now online. Even online engagements and marriages are becoming more popular these days. Moms or Dads who wait for their families reunion, kids who wait for their dads to call to hear his voice for a couple of minutes. Small windows have to take all those feelings now. Love, missing, sadness, anger, happiness and all, in just a small screen.
  • Everyone's dream vacation is going to the beach or get a boat and sail for a couple of days. But to Syrian people it's a journey of life or death. They risk their lives to cross the sea and escape the war so they can have new starts to their lives. And in some unfortunate cases, endings.

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