The name Skinn refers to the tactual language. Skin represents a transition between the outsides and insides. Skin to a human body is an organ that receives tactile sensory information and protects against injury. The skins of an object, in other words, is the term – packaging that we use today. They are not only the physical layer of protection but also the point of interface with users; their surfaces convey the identity of an object and contain the experience of an object. 
    Material possesses meanings. By touching or looking at a product, we will generate a universal understanding of the material. The hard, rough, or rigid characteristic was usually perceived as the masculine type. The smoothness, softness, and lightness features are the symbol of the feminine. Some materials' meanings relate to an environment instead of the appearance. This type of materials would be considered as the category of gender-neutral. 
    Materials: brushed metal, clear glass
    Form: straight, angled
    [ FEMININE ]
    Materials: silicone, clear glass
    Form: curved, smooth
    Materials: cork, clear glass
    Form: curved, straight line
    [ FORM ]
    Eliminating all the unnecessary and going back to the object's very nature, we can read the information of the form clearly.
  • Three views of the gender neutral fragrance bottle
  • Detail of masculine fragrance bottle
  • The form of SKINN fragrance
  • The form of SKINN fragrance