A Guide to Sustainable Paper

  • A Guide to Sustainable Paper questions the use of recycled paper and its ability to be completely environmentally sustainable.
    This hand-bound, hand-constructed book is written and designed to initially feel like a paper sample booklet/paper guide, printed completely on recycled paper (16 different papers, 7 paper finishes, in several different earthy toned colors). 
    The goal of the book, intended to be printed only once, is to be passed around to spread the word to designers about paper and its environmental consequences. Readers are to feel the book's weight, the book's carbon footprint, and to feel the weight paper really has on the environment.
    The book is driven by much research into the process of recycling paper and the horrible effects on the environment the process has. The book is directed to designers; as designers, we are visual communicators, and we should be conscious of the process that goes into the material we use to communicate. 
    A Guide to Sustainable Paper ends with the result that there is no way to be sustainable when using even recycled paper. The book does not supply answers; it raises questions, and raises awareness. The book utilizes Mohawk's Loop Recycled Paper line, and I intend to send the book to them.
    Thank you for viewing!