Iceberg Glassware Collection

  • The Iceberg Collection features a glass cocktail shaker, jigger, tumbler glasses, and ice cube molds. Designed with faceted contours alluding to the imposing presence and asymmetry of icebergs, the shaker is constructed in borosilicate glass, of a suitably heavy grade to withstand shaking with ice. A gasket around the inside lip of the shaker (in progress, shown in sketches), can form a tight seal, but opens easily after mixing. 
    The shaker can stand right-side-up or upside-down, for maximum interest and a gravity-defying appearance in the home bar. And its form allows for easy handling in either hand. The gasket seal and the ice cube molds will be food-safe silicone.
    Pencil sketches were followed by blue foam models. I then created polyurethane molds for a set of working models in resin. From those, I poured plaster molds for prototypes in blown glass, working with a local glassblower. Next steps will include exploration of cast glass for final prototypes.