• Bma3itk is a platform that enables Syrians to exchange and trade goods and services with speed and efficiency over the Internet. By using the web or the mobile app of Bma3itk, users can offer their items and services easily through the website.
    The Bma3itk platform provides a complete virtual environment for product and service exchange and it gives the ability to offer, demand and negotiate products and services in a peer-to-peer experience. Which takes the traditional process of buying and selling with all its components to a virtual environment.
    The project has been awarded the 1st place award in the Startup Weekend Damascus 2015, which was held back in February 2015.
    Today, Bma3itk is incubated by the Technologies Incubator of the Syrian Association of Informatics in Damascus.

    Bma3itk is the result of efforts of:
    Graphic Designer: Kinda Ghannoum
    Business Administrator: Rafik Takieddin 
    Senior Developer: Ahmad Korbesa 
    Android & Web Developer: Ibrahim Alibrahim 

  • The task was to rebrand Bma3itk as the project needed to reflect its true values of trust and safety for financial procedures, with remaining fresh and friendly. The project also needed a distinguishable app icon that was really hard to derive from then, the existing logo. And above all, we felt that the old logo was a little bit irrelevant to the core function of Bma3itk.
    So we had to redesign the whole identity with a logo that reflects the concept of Bma3itk, its function through arrows, its friendliness through rounded shapes and its freshness through color.