My First Toy Design

  • I am personally really into the whole art toy industry, I have my own collection of toys, and I always hoped at some point people would will to collect one of the toys that I’ve created. So in senior project other than creating traditional digital illustrations and small gifs, my main focus would be translating my language of illustration into 3 dimensional sculptural toys. I will be designing limited collection rather than mass-market item.
    My objectives are simply to attract the audience’s interest in my illustration and maybe potential toy collectors to be investing in my work. I’m thinking to use both 3D printing technology and slip casting, in this way I will be able to explore both traditional and new facilities of toy production and develop new skills. The toys would be focusing on my fantastic animal or figure interpretation and based on pop culture influences such as color
  • idea sketch
    The idea sketch is mainly focused on structuring  white dummy. A base DIY model would able me to create all kinds of illustration on top. The final design is a bust that have have interchangeable masks (with magnet).
  • 3D modeling, and fixes 
  • I went through four different 3d printer tests. And I choosed Mcro paper 3d printer for my final print out
    Advantages of Mcro:
    - More Afforable
    - Ecofriendly, can be recycled.
    - I could actually paint on it.
    Paint doesn’t stay on ABS and
    Resin only works with spray paint.
    - Smoother surface.