Project MEGA: Mars Canyoneering

  • Initial Research and Predictions
  • Interviews and Research
    Project MEGA (Mars Exploration Geological Adventure) is a tool for Mars' inhabitants collect data about Mars' geology and history while installing recreation rock climbing infrastructure. Whether on earth or alien solil, the curiosity to explore and the drive to be active are at the heart of human nature. This is what drives Project MEGA.

    Our largest insight came from Sam McConnell, a desert explorer that we spoke with - humans want to explore, to experience and to be in a place no human has ever touched. Mars is slated as the most probable locale for mankind's first extraterrestrial colony.  
    With the largest canyon in the solar system and 1/2 the gravity of the Earth, Mars is an ideal place to take the sport of rock climbing to a whole new level. We envision that canyoneering will be part of Martian culture as a way for its inhabitants to exercize while exploring this unknown world. An active lifestyle is also proven to support mental well-being, which will be an important concern for those living in such an extreme and isolated environment as space.

    Taking advantage of Mars' lower gravity, these tools act as an aid to climbers that are weaker or stronger, and to those with acquired injuries or illnesses.  Project MEGA makes canyoneering accessible to many different types of Mars explorers while facilitating truly ground-breaking scientific discovery.
    Equipped with a drill and specialized bit, an explorer-athlete climbs down a canyon wall and drills for core samples at points of geological interest. When drilling is complete, a part of the drill bit remains lodged securly in the rock face. The climber fits a climbing hand hold embedded with a GPS chip into the anchored bit. The core samples are stored in holsters on the climbing harness. As the climber continues, they leave behind a pathway of hand holds for others to use and enjoy. The GPS tags allow scientists to have a map of the smaples for precise referencing and future research.

    Project MEGA will be enabled by future advancements in space suit technology. Light, tight MCP (mechanical counter-pressure) suits will afford Mars' inhabitants greater flexibility and independence as they explore the Martian landscape.