Celestial Seasonings Green Teas

  • Celestial Seasoning Green Teas
    11 boxes and Branded Items
  • 2009-2011 - Celestial Seasonings hired me to produced original illustrations for 11 boxes. They wanted cloisonne-styled animals with lots of integrated flavor elements. In the primary product, Green Tea Authentic, I created an oriental dragon with spines and "feathers" made from tea leaves. On other boxes, I created a horse with a mane made from honey, a rabbit with tea leaves for ears, animals with flavor elements as patterns in fur and feather, and many other ornate stylized elements.

    It is THE most recognizable brand on the shelves in the market - and I am extremely proud to have had that opportunity to create such a beautiful brand.
  • Besides the boxes, Celestial Seasonings produced a huge assortment of collectible products sold online and at their factory store in Colorado. Products included mugs, cups, calendars, coasters, keychains, greeting cards, postcards, magnets, and much more.