• THESIS: abstract
    I am studying the legacy of a person’s online presence to investigate the impacts of what happens once he or she passes away. By exploring the speculative future of our digital self through potential scenarios, I hope to stimulate conversation regarding our “digital legacy.” This thesis further addresses a series of interrelated questions concerning our relationship to the digital realm both in the present and beyond this life. 
    To explore these potential scenarios, I separated how we deal with memory and death. By adopting psychologist Daniel Kahneman theory of the “Experiencing Self and Remembering Self” to design, and I conducted various amount of experiments that operated within these realms.
  • This was an experiment conducted over the course of 4 weeks, with 4 participants, in 4 different location across the world. They were asked to summarized and document each week with pictures, texts and a piece of food.  This “machine” takes their already existing input and then sources additional content across various digital platforms and then combines it into one physical manifestation of a tangible book.

  • The process and construction
    Hand crafted and constructed each fraction of the the vessel. Along with printed and bounded each book using the Risograph and bounding machine.