Solar Arcology

  • Located 435 miles above the Earth in heliosynchronous orbit, the Solar Arcology exists as part of a global effort to safeguard humanity. The station is enclosed by a gridded structure, one side facing the sun, the other facing Earth.┬áSuspended between these two extremes are the self-sustaining garden facilities that support the colony, dividing the vast space into smaller pockets where the 300 residents conduct research while on stand-by in the event of a global emergency on Earth.
  • The orbital paths of the ISS and Solar Arcology.
  • The formal logic of the hemispherical space station, designed as a shield from solar radiation.
  • Population breakdown of the┬áspace station occupants. A specific number of each knowledge area has been chosen based on their ability to restart civilization after a mass extinction event.
  • Program distribution.
  • For each vocation represented within the station, there is a custom workstation that can be plugged into the grid structure of the station.
  • A typical passenger cabin, featuring a large window with a view to earth's surface.
  • The solar shield of the station can open to allow light to reach the greenhouses and can close to protect the occupants from radiation flares.
  • The shield in its open configuration.