Techno Cultural Circuit

  • 1 -  Techno Culture Circuit creates a series of mobile, adaptive, venues which provide egalitarian access for the production and presentation of techno and experimental audiovisual art. The architecture, which appropriates itself about Berlin’s extensive street tram network, can take up temporary residences in a wide range of voids within the urban fabric of Berlin.
  • 2 - This inflated malleable space, combined with a collection, or repository, of techno / video hardwares, create imminent spatial, acoustic and visual potentials, all of which are subject to the desires of the occupant/s. The combined reappropriation of the Metrotram transit system and a collection of abandoned, donated, or scavenged audiovisual hardware, encourage people to engage in music & art production, not as a commodity of consumption but as a form of collective expression in a particular time and place. The project is equal parts incubator and petri dish, for the continually morphing practice of audiovisual art and technoculture.
  • 3 - The creation of new culture within each inflated malleable bubble is then reflected on the inflated skin. By adjusting the amount of inflation and formal articulation, the binary roles between audience and performer are actively reestablished as a relationship between malleable space and temporary site. Through the use of novel, exceptionally agile & responsive, tectonic systems, the architecture itself morphs in response to the particular temporal resonance, of both the desired use and specific locale.