• The item contains 9 pieces of solid oak: the skyscrapers of Hong Kong made of wood, a small boat that connects the island with mainland China {and at the same time notes the current day of the week}. Each element corresponds to an actually existing building in Hong Kong. The dates on the facets allow to, while turning "the buildings" around their axles, get any of the possible combinations, thus changing the profile of the city and the view of the calendar for a particular month (year).

    Materials: solid oak, linen, cotton thread, hand printing on fabric. 
    The size of the calendar {in assembled condition} - 21*4* 17cm.
  • Design & Idea: Sasha Braulov & Nasya Kopteva (52 FACTORY)  
    Photo: Nasya Kopteva
    Production: Smiths Workshop
    Video production: Cotton
    Music: Coraltree