Thesis : Rituals of Packing and Unpacking

  • Hypothesis
    This thesis presents the hypothesis that the rituals of packing and unpacking add insight to contemporary questions surrounding commercial packaging. These include the justification for moving materials physically in an era of "moving things digitally” and critical environmental concerns.
    In contrast to traditional considerations about packaging for protecting and marketing, using packaging in ritualistic ways may lead to re-imbuing commercial products with the sacred, bestowing significance that in previous eras were confined to religious artifacts.
    Such a hypothesis could lead to drastically smaller quantities of package-related waste and a far higher value for the remaining practice of packaging, placing it in the realm of high art with its attendant metaphysical importance.
  • Experiment 3
    Silence reigons in 
    Food on table
    Sit or kneel down
    Silence your heart
    Prostrate in worship
    (0.5 minute - 2 minutes)
    Untie and depackage 
    Read the poem inside
    Listen to and 
    Hold the glutinous rice in your hand
    Feel the natural flavor of food
    Read the poem inside
    Listen to and
    Slience your soul