• Kirby's Adventure
    Super IAM8BIT!
  • I was extremely lucky to be a part of the amazing group show that was Super IAM8BIT! It's artistic tributes that throwback to the times of 8-bit gaming, so I chose one of the games that was truly formative to my childhood - Kirby's Adventure. And the best part of it was that while I was at first only interested in illustrating the powers, after replaying the game I pored over the backgrounds. Seriously, the backgrounds in this game are second to none - the auroras' simple execution with amazing results is testament alone. 

    I've done nine of the powers, as you can see: Sword, Spark, Laser, Beam, Freeze, Normal, Fireball, Hammer, and Throw. My hope is to be invited back so that I can finish all of the powers from the whole game! U.F.O. lovers fear not!