• Helix Sleep

    Helix Sleep is an online mattress retailer that personalizes the mattress-buying experience. 
    Using the company's pre-existing brand and styleguide, I designed a  micro-site for a prelaunch campaign and updated the "Personalization Output" and "Leave a Review" pages with new illustrations and animations.

    Role: Visual Designer, Illustrator
  • Mattress Personalization Output
    After completing a survey, the user is taken to the specs of his/her personalized mattress.  I conceptualized and designed the layout to illustrate the four different metrics (feel, point elasticity, support, and temperature regulation) for both couples and individual users. The metrics are organized in a bullseye grid.  As the user hovers over each metric icon, an animation appears, further explaining the metric.
  • I also created four animations to demonstrate the company's four personalization characteristics (feel, point elasticity, temperature, and support),