Robo Fish

  • "Robo Fish" is a lighting design which was showcased at the 2014 IESNYC Lighting Design competition. A robotic clown fish swims around the perimeter of the plastic bowl filled with water, refracting the light that shines from the center. 
  • Above are two light experiences that I reacted strongly to, one being a piece by Eyebeam resident Greg Leuch, and one being a sunset gradient I created, taking a photo every minute or so as the sun set outside my apartment. I was drawn to blue-colored light, and creating an etherial light source in an uncommon manner. 
  • I started to become very inspired when I visited the Ingo Maurer lighting store in SoHo, and viewed these three pieces. I was very inspired by how the designer was able to create a compelling lighting piece, while incorporating elements of comedy. I especially admired the breadboard floating candle, which was reminiscent of a traditional candle, but was using current technology and poking fun at a traditional light source. Going forward with my light design I knew I wanted to incorporate comedy, one of my main loves, into my design.
  • Concept for light- through experimentation I found the refraction of light through water was something I was interested in pursuing. Originally using the plastic shark just as a light source, I found I liked the role he had in the light- he provided the element of comedy I was looking for. He got me thinking, which led me to the use of the robotic clown fish eventually.