• Up is a mobile app that allows users to upload images of clouds and create a cloud map of specific areas. This is a collab of myself and Jieun Lee.
    Our research process shows that clouds are not only a common obsession among many, but also a source of relatable emotions. Therefore, we want to create a platform in which people can share images and observe the same clouds appreciation in different regions of the world. 
    Up is a photo-sharing social network with an extra goal: to evoke empathy. It provides comradeship among people around the world, since to complete the map, not only the people in big cities but also ones in suburban and remote areas need to participate. In this way, Up might have the opportunity in the future to help the users see and empathize with the other parts of the world where the skies are always blank because of poverty and lack of technological support.
  • We chose the uninterrupted layout for the photo stream on the mobile app to match the endless and seamless image of clouds covering the sky. The modular polygon shape signifies a stackable system consisted of separate pieces. 
    Below is a few initial identity sketches:
  • Current iteration:
  • Up incorporates Google map information and divides it into modular pieces. If a person takes a photo of clouds and shares it, Up tracks what modular piece the person took the photo and puts the photo of clouds in the position of his or her nearest geographic position. Eventually with people’s participation, Up can build a live map of clouds on the app's full website.
    The Up website, which syncs the information of photos from the app into polygon shapes, has a stark grey background. Every time a cloud image is uploaded, it "lights up" the corresponding hexagon on the map.