Wch Tani-Tv ُEpisode Logo

  • Wch Tani-TV Episode
    Ramadan 2015
                                                  Wch Tani is a TV episode broadcated on Ramadan 2015.
                                                  It's talking about duality and how can the one hide his real
                                                  character and act like someone else.
                                                  I created the logo using the famous mask of  "V For Vendetta"
                                                  which represent the Anonymous and not having a specific
                                                 character. The typeface inspired from the broken mirror or
                                                 smashed glass where u can see yourself in each separated
                                                 part of it as many persons for the same one.
  • Final Logo
  • First Trials
  • Logo Inspiration
  • Pencil Sketch
  • Vector Tracing
  • Process: Grid And Golden Ratio
  • Black And White Testing
  • Youtube Channel