Pure Jomo

  • Description
    The word JOMO is an acronym for "the joy of missing out" where the products encourage the user to take some time off from work and enjoy pure relaxation away from stress and clutter.
    The brand consist of five different products which are gemstone, conch shell, tea, essential oils, and kinetic sand. Each element is associated with one of the five senses. The user can learn more about these products through the booklet or the website. The package design was kept minimal  to deliver a clear message about the benefit of the product and instruction on how to use the product. The colours of the brand reflect the nature that the products came from.
    The posters reflect the essence of each product in terms of feeling in addition to promoting the brand. The  paper art in each poster reflects the roots of the product. For example, the waves were created for the conch shell and leaves for the tea poster.
    Pure Jomo is a collection of products brought from nature to solve the problem of stress and cluttered mind. They are delivered in a clean and minimal design that attract the user to try these new methods of treatment. Based on research, Abuamra found that these products lack good design which affected the value of the products and how people look at these products. Therefore, Abuamra decided to create a luxury brand that reflects the value of these products and their benefits on body and mind. The minimal design reflects the clarity and the feelings the products brings to people's mind once they use them.
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