Metro Roots

  • Metro Roots
    Non-profit organization
  • A non-profit organization I created/designed to inform and inspire the Metropolitan area to shop farmers markets, community gardens, and CSA's to support NY agriculture and to improve overall health and nutrition.
  • Logo design
  • Double lamp post banners.
    Inspired by rough cut wooden farm signage.
  • Farmers Market handout.
    To be handed out a Metro Roots farmers market.
    The booklet will inform individuals on what Metro Roots is about and where their produce is grown.
    Side 1 - Our Markets
    Side 2 - Our Farms

    Side 1...
  • Side 2...
  • Seasonal Mailer.
    When an individual signs up to become a member of Metro Roots they will receive a seasonal mailer (4 in total) informing them of what is in season, a shopping list, and recipe guide.
    Autumn version.
  • Farmers Market Information Mailer.
    When a Metro Roots market opens in a neighborhood, this mailer will provide residents with information on what the market/organization will provide them.
  • Metro Roots bus stop posters.
    Series of 3 posters inspiring the Metropolitan area to attend farmers markets and shop local.
  • Metro Roots Website.
    Below image is the homepage.
    Center images automatically scroll 3 times.
    1 = Our Farms
    2 = Our Produce
    3 = Our Locations

    Recipe Page shows 5 images of produce to
    choose from to view recipes for.
    Note: The images on the right change to become complimentary items to all recipes.

    When a recipe is clicked on, all images flip over to reveal recipe for the selected
    produce. Once again images on the right change to become complimentary items
    to the selected recipe.
  • Mobile website adaptation.