Where the Balloons Go

  • Update 9/23/15: Where the Balloons Go illustrations have just received high praise from Kirkus Review:
    "Bartolanzo’s depictions of Cooper are enchanting: in one conversation with Newton, Cooper is sitting cross-legged in the air, capturing the floating boy’s energy. The lost balloons and the arc of the rainbow are brilliantly portrayed in full color."
    This is an exciting and encouraging post for my first illustrated and published book. It is currently on sale through Barnes & Noble and Amazon.com. 
  • Where the Balloons Go is an original children's book commissioned by LifeFilm Entertainment, written by Peilin Chou based on a story idea she and Chris Curtis collaborated on. This book was created to help sell an idea to create a movie for the company's next project. I was directed to work with paint only in a whimsical style and colors that were not too high in saturation.