The Page

  • This visualization of Georges Perec’s “Species of Spaces and Other Pieces” explores the screen as a space for a different reading experiment. 
  • The act of reading on the screen is often described by one word: skimming. Since the screen is much different from the physical book, designing for the screen has to be different. Instead of mimicking the look and borrowing the metaphors of the physical book, designers can (and should) think of ways to adopt the screen and design for it.

    With that said, I wonder if I could create a reading experience that uses elements native to the screen. Instead of providing the readers with an abundance of text and the freedom to skim through, I only provide a hint of the text. The only way for the audience to read through is to interact with what's on the screen. Interactions with the screens are used as a catalyst to force attention. Through familiar screen interactions such as clicking and hovering, the viewer experience screen changes in color, clearness, dimension and position.