• The Collection
    An extension to Fall and RecoveryThe Collection represents the experience of placefor the residents of 101w15.  Each image, film, sound, and text file contributed by the residents are interpretations that form complex stories that meld a collective vision of the concept.  Sharing these interpretations through collaborative immersion into place leads to engagement through the place-making process. The collection also offers the opportunity for tenants to learn about the history of where they live.
    By combining the narratives of past and present residents of Block 791 we can see the holistic entity of a place through the stories of those who have experienced it through time.  Recalling the history of a place is more than a nostalgic gesture.  It is based on the belief that community can only happen once we gain a more fulfilling view of place. This project offers an opportunity to recognize that history and relate it to current experiences.
    I built this site using an HTML5 UP template with custom CSS3 and jQuery.  You can view the live site here: