lost in a panorama

  • Future Primitive House, by Sou Fujimoto, was the basis for analyzation, and representation course. Given the task of analyzing the FPH to the¬†phenomenological extent, and the edge of physically altering the house to fit my conceptual relation, I explored numerous styles in order to further my skills of creating a speakable drawing.
  • Photo of Sou Fujimoto's Future Primitive House model.

    Understanding the extremely conceptual reasoning behind this house was the first step, where after much attention, i determined this house is not only visibly resembling, but conceptualizing resembling of a maze. Only this maze would of course exist in 3 dimensions, where circulation moves horizontally and vertically. This would be the basis of my studies.
  • Exploding the constructed axonometric allowed for a new study of space and slab relation. Not maintaining line weights and depth within the core of the house created a visual initially thought to provoke misdirection and disorientation.
  • Rotating the house within itself was a literal approach that ultimately supplied no conceptual understandings, and was quickly abandoned.
  • Allowing a path to dictate the usage of slabs determined which were not vital, and could be extracted and utilized in constructing walls around the path.
  • As easy as it was to introduce vertical planes, I determined it was at this point useless to continue. A new approach was begging to be utilized.
  • View cones prevailed in the thought process, and utilizing views, and manipulating them became an exciting concept.
  • Moving into the final chapter of the project, due to time, the goals were to create two drawings that captured the idea of devising a path similar to a maze, understanding the importance of individual views along the path, and incorporating a background that provided a disorienting feeling, and would essentially act as that factor within the maze.
  • Sucessive perspectives allowed for the final drawing to incorporate the surrounding and understand the presence it plays within the concept. Creating a panorama of views stitched together with motion blur captured the goal of disorienting the viewer, and allowed for the drawing to speak for itself.