Court 16 Summer Camp Campaign

  • Court 16 Summer Camp Program
    Court 16 is a private kids’ tennis club created with a vision for a modern approach to the game. With perfectly kid-sized courts and a community built on education and empowerment, kids are given the right foundation to fall in love with the game, and have a total tennis experiment.
    The project was to create a summer camp campaign targeting parents with children in the age of 3-11 years old that live in the Brooklyn and downtown Manhattan area. The program has to drive sign ups for a spot in the summer camp program. Our target is members and non members. 
  • Recruitment Poster for Children
  • Posters aimed towards parents
  • Join the League (Recruitment)
    -It is a summer long action and adventure filled quest/journey 

    -During the summer camp sessions the children will be challenged to:
              learn tennis skills
              work in teams to build a stronger community
              friendly competition and sportsmanship
              defeat certain challenges to unlock/proceed to next level play side-activities to attain extra items for enhancement play the game for the ultimate           goal and prize
    -Bringing the gaming world into real life
     incorporating what children like but with a healthy approach in the context of tennis games and activities relating to tennis
    -Allows children to learn tennis along the way focusing on tennis skills and group activities 
  • Mockup of the tennis court to bring the fantasy world of video games to life
  • App that lets the children and their parents keep track of the child's adventure during the summer program.
  • Recruitment Mailer