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  • Aeroponics is the process of growing plants in air and mist environments without the use of soil. With an increase in global population growth, land and water that is contaminated through poor agriculture, and use of pesticides and fertilizers, our methods of food production need to be reformed. Not only does aeroponics solve these issues, it produces more nutritious and more robust plants, results in longer shelf lives, and lowers food miles by providing local goods. Lightweight systems can stack tens of stories high, and setups can grow with LED lighting in basements. By supplying organic food in larger amounts, it can become more affordable for a wider population, which can even allow for aeroponic systems to be set up in underprivileged countries.
    This project is an original concept.
  • A. The reservoir stores the nutrient solution, a combination of water and minerals.
    B. The pump pushes the solution up through a hose.
    C. Spray nozzles mist the exposed roots at timed intervals.
    D. The unused solution falls back to the reservoir to be pumped through again.
    Aeroponics is 100% organic and incredibly nutritious, yet allows three times as many plant growth cycles and results in crop yields 40 times higher than regular fields.
    To create a community of aeroponic providers and consumers, True Harvest has initiated the Regenerate Earth through Aeroponics Program (REAP) system of certification.
    True Harvest Providers include farms and gardens that employ their own aeroponic growing systems to cultivate crops. Their produce is sold to local vendors for sale in markets and for use in dining and commodities.
    True Harvest Markets include outdoor and indoor markets, grocery stores, and bodegas that stock aeroponically grown produce.
    True Harvest Dining includes restaurants, cafés, delis, and food trucks that use aeroponically grown ingredients in their cuisines.
    True Harvest Made includes brands that use aeroponically grown ingredients in their products.
    True Harvest Home is an aeroponic system developed to produce small numbers of plants in the household. Easy to set up and to maintain, it helps homes grow their own healthy, organic, envrionmentally-friendly greens.
    An informational brochure is available at vendors to further inform on the topic of aeroponics.
  • The True Harvest website explains the necessity of aeroponics and how it can better agriculture, as well as outlines the REAP certification system.
    Tags act as an identification system for consumers.
  • For most developing countries, agriculture is the main source of income. Unfortunately, competition for resources, advanced technology, climate, and population growth raise the demand for food, resulting in hunger and famine.
    Aeroponic gardens require nutrient solutions. At set intervals, aeroponic systems mist the plant roots with a nutrient solution. Based on the growing stage, the solution includes varying levels of elements.
    For every REAP Nutrient Solution purchased, True Harvest will donate a portion of its sales towards employing aeroponic growing techniques in impoverished areas of the world.
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