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  • Cali Lifestyle
    When we think about California, the things that comes in mind are variety of people,
    beautiful colors, natural landscape and traditions. Things that can inspire good ideas and creativity. 
    For this creative project the idea is apapercraft piece using colored paper, foam paper and glue. The choice of material and the way it was used refers to the several layers this state has and all of it’s amazing colors, that are very important in the project because it also express the diversity and the weather of California. The vivid and warm colors correlate with the sun and the heat of the West Coast and contrasts with the cold colors of the ocean and sky, creating a divisional line that divides the viewer’s focus in two contrasting areas.  The “Lifestyle” typography was a reference to the licence plate of the state, but in this 33x21 inches project, the focus is the word “California”, an exclusive lettering that mix the artistic part with the conceptual part of it (Lettering + California Lifestyle) and becomes a singular design that express my vision of what could be the California lifestyle and culture.