STAR WARS - HIP HOP vector tribute

  • Growing up in the Bronx ( in the 80's- Castle Hill Ave)
    -it was a time of Lee jeans, striped track suits, shell top Adidas and The Force... Kids would gather and play out new battles with their action figures. Imitate their favorite Star Wars Characters. While some can be seen carrying their C3PO- head case around the block.......and at this same time, another culture was growing as well - Rapp.
    Rapp gave birth to HIP HOP and it was EVERYWHERE in so many forms.....tags on the subway cars, on the highway over passes, playing from the proud Boom Boxes being carried on shoulders, down to the airbrushed tags on people's hoodies- it has always been a very expressive deep creative culture that I 've appreciated.

    Both have inspired me for many years.

    I wanted to say "thank you" to so many with this tribute, but time wasn't in my favor.
    So, this is just the first of many creative series on this topic.
    Its just too much fun to keep in one series.
    Cheers and May the 4th be with you.

    Created with:
    IMac + Adobe Illustrator CC + Wacom Intuos 5 pro
  • above - vector shapes & outlines
  • above - vector shapes & outlines
  • above - vector shapes & outlines
  • above - vector shapes & outlines
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