KOSAF: Dream, Challenge, and Future

  • KOSAF: Dream, Challenge, and Future
    IONOI design studio / 2014
    Client: Korea Student Aid Foundation
    Firm: IONOI design studio
    Product: Brochure & Leaflet
    Service Provided: Illustration & Editorial Design
    A brochure for the Korea Student Aid Foundation(KOSAF), which is the largest organization in Korea that supports students pursuing higher education. KOSAF not only offers financial aid, but provides talent development programs as well. It was our goal to design a brochure that would emphasize the future students could look forward to through the foundation.
    We aimed to show the concept of financially supported students each bringing their own goals and dreams together to make a brighter future for higher education in Korea. I drew illustrations using KOSAF's corporate colors and collaborated with professional photographers, directing the photo shoot of students for the image narrative.
  • editorial spreads
  • tri-fold leaflet