• I'm too sexy for my ex
    Is a pack of funny medicines that helps you to super overcome a broken relationship and save your heart from idiots. You have to use these medicines in the 6 following steps that includes the instructions:
    1. No drama please ( we don't want you to cry and be sad. This is the first symptom you should avoid) 
    - Endorphin solution anti-cry.
    2. Life goes on ( so you have to kill the pain and be strong)
    - Serotonin fluid pain killer.
    3. Open minded ( in this phase you should be able to meet people and open minded to continue with your life )
    -Espirulina pill, let's meet people.
    4. Don't remember ( It's time to forget all this hard moments and be happy again ).
    - Amnesia pill, forget the relation.
    5. Let's feel sexy ( you have to stand up and nerved give up, time to feel beautiful again and leave the tracksuit at home ).
    - Vitamin C, super sexy mode.
    6. Heart barker ( FINALLY it's time for you to breack a lot of hearts !! )
    -Euphoria solution, No more feelings!