generative site

  • In accordance to the course's goals, the site used to generate an abstract process was the Pratt Townhouse lots. In order to create a unique system that was founded on a set of rules and accomplished the preset restriction of a continuous surface, I began with the floor plan  of the existing townhouse in order to derive and began to dictate actions.  Numerous iterations were ran. Encompassing a central idea of creating space loops, where there are designated moments of a repetitious movement.
  • Below is the process for the final iteration of the site. It was documented to suffice for the final product, as well as demonstrate the rigorous process used to create each variation of the site.
  • Below is the exaggeration of the necessity to create a continuous surface. Through a stair like site that fluctuates in elevations, the continuity of the surface can be visually seen, and physically felt.
  • Below is the iteration that captured the essence of continuity, as well as an interpretation of repetitious movement through elevations. Using smaller slabs of surface, the site is broken, forcing moments of movement to be repetitious  and unnatural.
  • Below is the final iteration of the site, as it was decided against to move forward with as a hybrid approach. Using different surfaces to and slopes to define space loops and the repeated movement within, as well as allowing for the continuity of surface.