Clever Lever Web App

  • Clever Lever facilitates creative brainstorming.
    Use Clever Lever to formulate an alternative to the mundane content you regularly see online.
    Or, you may just have a brain fart and need some quick inspiration!
  • For example, this is Julie.
  • Julie took a picture of her cat and is going to post it to Instagram.
  • This is a caption she would normally post:
  • BORING! Today Julie visits the Clever Lever web app to brainstorm something better.
    She types a couple keywords into the search bar: Remote control, Cat.
    Suggestion boxes pop up to help her brainstorm:
  • Boxes with words that are trending are brighter than others (Grumpy Cat is bright but Universal Remote is not).
    She hovers over Catastrophe and it tells her the word was derived from her keyword 'cat', it was found on the website Scrabble Word Finder, and it has medium trendiness on social media.
    She drags Grumpy Cat to the center and then refreshes the page for more ideas.
  • Julie sees some funny things in common: the word “paws” (cat) and “pause” (remote).
    She comes up with a new caption:
  • Thanks Clever Lever! Get those likes, Julie!
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