• Very happy to have been commissioned by the Alternative Movie Posters team (twitter / facebook)
    to commemorate the relaunch of their website, with a custom limited print.

  • When asked if I would be interested, I obviously said yes at an opportunity to team up with the team that has continued to support so many artists who creatively pay tribute to the pop-culture-movie scene.
    Initially, we discussed what would be the subject matter for this print?

    Here's the full project from start to finish.

    Created with :
    IMACAdobe Illustrator CCWacom Intuos4
    Cheers & enjoy~

  • Since its a relaunch, our first ideas circulated around "SEQUELS".
    With the hopes of maybe leveraging one.
    Below is the first vector sketch submitted.

  • After reviewing the first sketch, we both felt that maybe its better to think less literal and find a better connection between the fans, the artists and the movies we all identify with and love.
  • The first sketch was "OK" but the AMP team,
    really wanted something similar to my recent MANDALORIAN vector. which lead me thinking to

    The Second Idea: R2 as an AMP Artist
    a visual parody of R2-D2 at Cloud City or at Jabba's palace throwing up a street piece with the AMP logo taking center stage. R2 can be in the process of finishing the wall art - paint can in grip and looking over his shoulder at the audience with exhausted cans at the base of his feet.

    This idea never got sketched- Although I'm actaully in the middle of doing something with it.

  • The Final Idea
    " Its only the very best that we decide to place on the highest of pedestals that are worth worshiping".......
    yeah- Princess Leia in her Slave girl outfit hugging the AMP logo.
    Sexy and totally captures the appreciation of both the fans, collectors and the creative contributors .
    and now available as
    a Limited Edition Signed / Numbered 18" x 24" Print
    Edition size: 50
    Ships Internationally: Yes
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