• The New York Aquarium is a 14 acre living museum that presents to our visitors living treasures that once lost can never be recreated.
    The aquarium provides an enjoyble and educational experience for the whole family to enjoy.
    Pacific walruses, sandtiger sharks, sea otters, and 10,000 other species call this place home.   
  • Sketch
  • Final logo evolution
  •      The  fish is the theme of  the aquarium. 
         The light blue fish icon symbolize any ocean living organism that we need to protect and understand.
         The human-eye-shape created by two fish icons represents humans’ curiosity. We should learn and            understand their world through their eyes. It implies the relationship between human and ocean livings.
         The light and dark blue font color represents different shades in the oceans. The outline of the font also symbolizes the movement  of an fantastic ocean wave.
  • Secondary logo (horizontal format lock-up) Only if design requires
  • Sub-brands
  • Signage
  • Stationary
  • Tickets
  • Poster
  • App
  • Website
  • Shopping bag
  • Package
  • Corporate color pallette
  • Secondary color
  • Typeface