Zebra Technologies / Symbol DS4308

  • Designed for Zebra Technologies, now rebranded under the old Symbol Technologies banner, we have recently completed the design of the entire line of DS 4300 barcode scanners, from retail to medical including accessories such as a hands-free stand.
    The DS range is a culmination of a design refinement strategy that has taken years to take shape. Ever more finely honed detailing, expensive dual-shot plastics and an obsession with the crafting of every exterior surface have resulted in the ultimate culmination of performance, comfort and quality.
    As designers we have carefully measured the ergonomic consequences of all the various user profiles, so handle shape and trigger feel will fit all users comfortably, prevent long-term injury and provides a design that just feels right when you first use it. High-intensity LEDs and refined audio are carefully explored to provide scanning feedback to the user.
    Let’s face it, this is a tool for an operator, not a personal high-tech toy! It is our job to make sure people can pick it up (without training) and do their job effectively. If we have done our job right, our design becomes ‘invisible’ to the user, while ‘visibly fitting’ into any work environment.
    This ‘tool’ also speaks volumes about its manufacturer and the design thinking via the obsession over every aspect of form and function, look and feel.
    This scanner will see high volume production, and will remain visible in the retail and medical environments for years to come, due to its almost ‘unbreakable’ design and engineering finesse.
    We are proud parents!

  • Here, the DS4308 is shown in Healthcare-specific colours.
    The healthcare version has IP42 sealing and a specially designed disinfectant-ready plastic housing to allow safe wipe-down with a wide variety of harsh chemicals to help prevent the spread of germs.  It also supports Day and night ‘do-not-disturb’ modes so that healthcare workers can choose to mix and match the decode feedback that is right for the moment: visual (green light/ red light), haptic (vibration) and an audible tone.

  • Alias screengrab of the near-final database (radii & wall thicknesses to be added downstream in Creo)