The Deficiency Project

  • User Problem:
    Too often, during my ethnographic research, I discovered that people didn't even understand what "micronutrient" meant let alone that being deficient in certain micronutrients could result in recognizable symptoms. Knowing this, I sought to increase public awareness through interactivity, which is proven method to effectively educate people.

  • When the user hovers over the logo in the upper left corner, the menu appears. 
  • Informational pages contain a lot of text to educate users about micronutrient deficiencies. To allow easier and quicker scanning of this information, key statements and phrases are highlighted in attempt to not overwhelm the reader with such a large block of text.  
  • “Foods” embodies a grid of whole food images that filter according which micronutrient they are good sources of. For example, if a user clicks “Vitamin A” under the “foods” navigation option, only foods that are good sources of Vitamin A will display.
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  • Process:
  • Site Map.
  • Early wireframe sketches.
  • Design iterations.