The Deficiency Project // Graduate Thesis

  • “Micronutrient deficiencies affect nearly half of humanity.” 
    Mason et al.
  • Front and back. 
  • Three books make up The Deficiency Project—Framework & Findings, Secondary Research, and Visual Project.
  • Key insights and questions are called out to grab the reader's attention. 
  • Red and black bars serve as graphic accents as well as pay homage to thick bars on the Nutrition Facts label.
  • Full-width, single column text mimics the block-like structure of Nutrition Facts labels. 
  • Quote blocks. 
  • Appendix of images. 
  • Layout Sketches:
  • To better understand ideas and be as efficient as possible, I sketched wireframes of various page layouts. 
  • Thesis Presentation:
  • The Deficiency Project—three books, one website, one mobile application, two posters, and a lot of late nights.  
  • Value proposition for my two visual projects.