Handie: Arthritis Gel Grip

  • A beautiful design for
    the aging community. 
  • Arthritis and joint pain are common problems among the older generation. Patients usually have difficulty performing daily tasks such as holding a spoon or a pencil. But a lot of them refuse to use gripping aid because the products on the market are hard to use and aesthetically unpleasing.
    Handie is an universal gel grip that aims to destigmatize medical products associated with arthritis. The minimal design is both elegant and comfortable. The soft body is made of silicone rubber filled with flexible gel that nicely conforms to the shape of your hand. 
  • Handie is also interchangeable, which means you can attach it to most of your personal items. The four color options allow you to mix and match your favorite colors.
  • Playing with materials: experiment process
    In order to find the perfect materials for Handie, I tried several kinds of rubber with different durometers. In the end I found a type of silicon rubber that was comfortable yet not too soft. Then I made 3D printed molds and cast the rubber along with flexible gel. It took me many tries to find the shape, comfort and conformability that I wanted. 
  • Packaging design