• A conceptual project aimed to aid caretakers of children with Autism as well as the children themselves. 
    Junior design studio proejct cooperatively done by
    of Pratt Institute. 
    Graphics and rendering created to be used for personal portfolio by Youngmin Lee.
  • Dayscope is a voluntary GPS device that resembles a magnifying glass
  • Dayscope can be held in two different positions depending on the size of the user's hand. 
  • Dayscope does not have a screen so that the users can be fully aware of the surroundings. That way, children with Autism can interact with people and environment around them without getting absorbed by the device. 
  •  A Caretaker gains geographic location of the child whenever he/she takes a picture. It ensures a sense of comfort and safety for the caretaker. As the child uses the device, he/she will learn to be less dependent on the caretaker. Caretaker may share the information with other caretakers, such as the child's therapist or teacher, so that it may enhance communication amongst themselves. 
  • The ultimate goal of this project is to enhance communication between a caretaker and a child. As a caretaker is now able to look through the child's eye, he/she may have a better understanding of the child and develop a deeper relationship. 
  • The overview of how data flow in the use of Dayscope.