• Sports.
    Played a bit of little league (when I was much younger) and after I got pegged in the face at the batting cage, I didn't quit right there on the spot but instead was determined to finish the season (and then drop it) .
    Well, the same is true about being challenged and pushing yourself to deliver.
    So, instead of robots, demon girls, or block buster movie posters.
    I've decided to challenge myself and do something different.
    Let's celebrate Football & Baseball in vector.

    I intentionally wanted to stay away from utilizing popular icons ( baseballs, bats, pigskins, etc..)
    and wanted to try to get the actual personality and voice into the composition, literally.

    Here's a creative vector mashup paying tribute to two American Past times.
    Each with a their signature slogans but played out in my vector popdeco style.

    Cheers and enjoy~

    Created with
    Apple Imac + Adobe Illustrator CC + Wacom Intuos4
  • above: vector shapes
  • above: vector anchor points
  • above: PLAY BALL- Vector Final
  • above: vector shapes
  • above: vector anchors
  • above: BIG GAME vector final
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